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  • 27.07.2019
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Mezikasa | 30.07.2019
Lucky admirer I'd say. Lucky admirer indeed
Yogal | 04.08.2019
This goes back to that whole ownership over women thing. If he cheats, it's just a man being a man. They are animals, after all. Heh. If she cheats, it's disrespectful. He's supposed to be the only one up in there. Her vag is HIS. *rolls eyes*
Yoran | 02.08.2019
"Let's talk about all the good things
Gajinn | 29.07.2019
When men help also to protect the purity of women, and the depressing # that 1 out of 4 women will be assaulted sometime during her lifetime, then maybe this discussion will be more relevant. I think right now, we need to teach boys and young men to go against this culture that treats women so badly that so many become a statist. We need more men to teach other men that there's a line you cannot cross. Don't go by what you see on tv and movies. We also need women teaching their sons how to treasure women.

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